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Piano Moving

A piano is much more than just an instrument. It’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with thousands of finely calibrated components. It is probably the largest piece of furniture you have, the heaviest, or the most delicate. We understand how difficult it is to move your piano, whether you are looking to do so in your own home or elsewhere.

  • Our staff of professionals is fully insured and can evaluate your piano as well as both locations to create a customized moving plan.
  • We can provide climate-controlled storage to store the piano in between locations.
  • When we move your Piano, we professionally inventory and wrap it to ensure that it arrives at the destination safely.
  • We supply special padding, hoists or cranes as well as all other materials required to make the move run as smoothly as possible.

A Moving Company You Can Trust

Your relationship with your piano is one-of-a-kind and priceless. It is generally an expensive household object that has numerous memories for you and your family. As a result, we recognize that piano moving is a critical operation and provide you with the most reliable and competent JDM Moving piano movers in Tampa.

You don’t have to worry about transferring your piano if you reside in Tampa. JDM Moving is always glad to assist you with excellent piano transportation services. This is all part of our larger goal of assisting you in moving smoothly.

Skilled Piano Movers For Easy Piano Moving

It makes no difference to our skilled piano movers how big the piano is or where it is in the building. They have the knowledge and experience to transfer it without difficulty. They’ve done it successfully before, and they’ll do it with your piano as well.

They will handle your piano with the care and expertise that you would expect from a reputable Tampa piano moving company. Our large list of satisfied clients is proof of our competence and experience. So why waste time looking for piano movers in Tampa when you can have the best?

The Safety Of Your Piano Is Guaranteed

Because we understand how valuable your piano is, we take every precaution to guarantee that it is not damaged during the move. Each piano is wrapped in blankets and shrink wrap and secured to a piano board with extra-strong straps for safe transport. Our specialists take great care when transporting it out of your home, and we always make sure to coat it with extra protection before moving it to the new site. JDM Moving can also provide a secure storage facility for your piano. For our clients who want to store their piano in a secure location before transferring it again, we offer long and short-term storage solutions. A discount is available on the combined moving and storage package.


JDM Moving possesses all required permits, including the Articles of Incorporation and the CVOR Certificate for the movement of home goods. The company’s insurance policy includes coverage for all vehicles, freight, and general liability.

JDM Moving offers all essential protection gear at no cost. Blankets, shrink wrap, tapes, and floor runners are included to protect both things and property throughout the move in/out process.

Professional movers, equipped truck, fuel, mileage, basic insurance, blankets, and assembling/disassembling are all included in our moving cost. There are no additional fees for stairwells, elevators, protective equipment, or long walks.

The objective of our experienced movers is to transport items from pick-up to delivery securely. However, moving is a complex operation, and in the extremely unusual event that damage happens, we provide both basic (free) and enhanced (paid) insurance.

We usually ask customers not to help moving furniture. The best way a customer can help is having a clear path for the movers to walk and having all furniture disassembled ready to move.

JDM Moving accepts nearly all forms of payment, including credit/debit card, e-transfer, check, and cash. In the event of cash payment, a discount is applicable!

Morning time is the best time to move furniture.


What our customers are saying

It was a great experience moving. Great quality service at a good price. They called us ahead of time to let us know when they were coming, and they packed everything quickly and carefully. My new living space was quickly but carefully moved into by them. They put everything where it should be. They were very professional and kind, and it was clear that they had the skills to get the job done quickly. I've had the best moving experience I've ever had, by far!
- Karl Moran

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